Overcoming the Challenges of Hybrid Monitoring
Date: Thursday, July 16
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. CT
Duration: 30 minutes

Over the past decade, organizations have moved to the cloud or hybrid IT implementations, with 74% of enterprises leveraging a hybrid cloud model today. Combined with the influx of modern, microservices-based applications mixed with legacy applications and the increased dependency businesses have on IT to be successful, the result is a very challenging environment for IT professionals to keep systems up and performing consistent with service level objectives.


Time is the enemy when systems are down or not performing. With so many more moving pieces, it’s crucial to get complete visibility into your hybrid systems, so you can quickly identify issues and fix them before they impact your business.


During this session, we’ll discuss how to minimize MTTR by managing applications spanning on-premises and cloud platforms with a common approach regardless of what the applications are, or where they run.


We will demonstrate using the SolarWinds® Systems Management Bundle to show how the products work together to create an efficient and effective way to monitor hybrid IT systems.
Peter Di Stefano
Pete is a principal product marketing manager at SolarWinds, working primarily with their application management tools. His experience includes over 25 years in tech product marketing and management, including companies like IBM, BMC Software, and Symantec.
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