On Demand: Next Level Databases: It Takes a Team
Duration: 57 minutes 8 seconds

As more companies move to PostgreSQL and other open-source databases, tuning and optimization become paramount to successful implementations. Out-of-the-box PostgreSQL settings and configurations can result in underwhelming performance and eventually trickle up to poor application performance. In this session, we’ll discuss why database waits are key to understanding performance bottlenecks. Migrations and shifting to cloud can be scary but teaming with other IT disciplines can produce great results. Learn how you can track performance early during functional testing and live cut-over events during your migration efforts and beyond. Get the most out of your open-source databases.

Ash Recksiedler
Solutions Architect, SolarWinds

Ash Recksiedler is a database professional with over 20 years of experience in all phases of software development, information management, database administration, data modeling, reporting, performance tuning, security, data migration, backup and recovery. Ash has worked in various technical roles such as Sales Engineer, Developer, Database Administrator, Project Lead and Consultant. This has given him valuable insight and experience, especially when dealing with database performance issues and tuning.

Robert Mandeville
Robert Mandeville
Solutions Architect, SolarWinds

Rob Mandeville is responsible for the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer. Mandeville has over 15 years of broad experience across multiple platforms as a production database administrator (DBA), development DBA, and architect/data modeler. Prior to SolarWinds, he worked in the aerospace, global technology, and geospatial industries. He has also taught Master of Science courses on database technology at Regis University.

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