Duration: 1 Hour

You’re responsible for the SQL Servers that support your developers.

Today you came into work and noticed your applications are slow. You track the root cause of poor database performance and now need to tune the queries supporting those workloads.

We know that when DBAs troubleshoot application performance issues, the root cause often lies in layers deep inside the SQL Server database. Your job is to find which database is the culprit and then narrow it all the way to the specific query slowing everything down.

In this session, Microsoft MVP John Sterrett will cover developer-friendly coding patterns but typically not SQL Server database engine friendly. You will learn how to identify them and how to refactor your code so it will run faster.

In this webcast, you’ll also learn the following:

  • How to identify top offender queries
  • Benchmarking those queries
  • Coding patterns that are developer friendly but are not SQL Server database engine friendly
  • Demo on how to rewrite queries so they can run faster.

Register now and learn how to take your SQL Server troubleshooting to the next level.

John Sterrett
CEO and Principal Consultant of Procure SQL

John Sterrett's experience leading large technical teams in complex environments and founding Procure SQL has made him a global expert in performance and scalability. John speaks at conferences worldwide on database strategy and topics related to performance tuning, development, and cloud computing. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a former Microsoft MVP.

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