Hosted by: Pete DiStefano & Rachel Frnka

Session 3 - Translate Logs Into a Performance Story of Your Application

United States: 2:00 - 2:30 PM CT, August 5, 2021

Not every logging error is critical, but proactively monitoring all the pertinent logs events from your log sources can tell you when an increase in your transaction error rate means trouble for client-side performance.

In this webinar, we'll teach you how to quickly search and identify key log events. Having all your log sources aggregated into one place helps you discover user experience and performance issues for your web applications at the most detailed level. We'll also show you how to leverage the full-stack visibility you can achieve with the APM Integrated Experience to see the impact of logging errors on users and prioritize a solution. The APM Integrated Experience combines the following tools and capabilities:

  • SolarWinds® Pingdom®: software as a service (SaaS)-based synthetic and real user monitoring
  • SolarWinds AppOptics: SaaS-based infrastructure and application performance metrics and transaction tracing
  • SolarWinds Loggly®: Unified log management, monitoring, and analysis

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Your Hosts for APM Integrated Experience Use Cases
Pete DiStefano
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, SolarWinds
Pete Di Stefano is a principal product marketing manager at SolarWinds, working primarily with their application management tools. His experience includes over 25 years in tech product marketing and management, including companies like IBM, BMC Software, and Symantec.
Rachel Frnka
Rachel Frnka
Product Marketing Specialist, SolarWinds

Rachel is a product marketing specialist for the SolarWinds Pingdom® and AppOptics™. Prior to joining SolarWinds, Rachel was a product marketing specialist at a tech startup.