Top 4 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution

Virtualization can give you enormous flexibility with future workloads and can be a key enabler for other areas, like cloud computing and disaster recovery. So, how can you get a handle on the performance challenges in your virtual environment and manage deployments without erasing the potential upside? Learn the four key areas you need to be focusing on to help deliver a healthy and well-performing data center.

Performance Management
Learn the importance of maintaining optimal performance in a virtual environment where the resources are shared.

Capacity Planning
Understand what resources to add when they are needed to ensure that you always have enough capacity and minimize expenses.

VM Sprawl Identification
Practical advice to help you monitor VM lifecycles and growth patterns so you can identify VM sprawls.

Storage I/O Bottleneck Identification
Determine how to set up a stable management solution that can help you identify potential bottlenecks before they occur.



Put VM Sprawls in Their Place

SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager can help you identify rogue virtual machines before they destroy your environment.

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