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  • Availability, real-time, and historical statistics from SNMP, API, or WMI enabled devices
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Is it the app or the network?

Ensure your users have the services they need by understanting the critical network paths.

What's with the flood of alerts?

Create alerts based on simple or complex nested trigger conditions.

Why do I have to log into so many tools?

Enjoy integrated dashboards across teams with products built on the Orion® platform

Quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages.

Monitor and manage wireless networks

Monitor and manage wireless networks

Using an automated Wi-Fi network analyzer is critical for ensuring business network uptime.

  • Automatically discover and add wireless devices with network discovery capabilities.
  • Create customer wireless heat maps to visualize signal strength and location of connected clients.
  • Monitor wireless devices alongside your wired devices with intelligent alerts and custom reports.

Dynamic network discovery and mapping

Dynamic network discovery and mapping

Automatically discover and map devices, performance metrics, link utilization, and wireless coverage

  • Device scanning can be easily accomplished using a network discovery tool.
  • Using network device scanning, you can automatically map network topology.
  • Poll and scan device MIBS to obtain fault, availability, and performance metrics.

Additional Features

Network Availability Monitoring

Wifi Monitoring

SNMP Scanner

Critical Path Visualization

Advanced Alerting

Deep Packet Inspection

Intelligent Mapping

Network Packet Analyzer

Cisco ASA Monitoring

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