Quickly fix performance issues and optimize resources for VM performance.
Key Features
Gain insight into the performance, capacity, and usage of your virtualized infrastructure with a free trial of Virtualization Manager.
  • Reclaim virtual resources instantly with VM sprawl alerts and recommendations from Virtualization Manager.
  • Determine how much CPU, memory, and storage is needed, and when they are required.
  • Get a clear view of where future VM workloads should be placed for optimum performance.
  • Quickly monitor and report on vSAN capacity and performance.
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Managing virtual machines doesn't have to be hard.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

Where did all my storage go?

Check if your discs are over-provisioned and manage your snapshots.

Can I plan for future workloads?

Synthetically model capacity planning scenarios.

Am I throwing away CPU power?

Execute recommendations for over- or under- allocated CPUs.

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Virtualization Manager is an industry favorite. Hands down.