White Paper: Best Practices for IT Asset Discovery

Asset discovery has risen to become a critical aspect of managing and securing federal IT environments thanks to new federal mandates, data-center consolidation initiatives, and security requirements.

Given the increasing need to know precisely what’s within your environment, where do you start?

This free white paper maps out the top eight “must-have” aspects of asset discovery that combine to make up a best-practices approach. These include everything from baseline discovery to asset maintenance to discovering assets behind firewalls at remote sites.

By downloading this white paper you’ll learn:

  • What information you should be collecting through your asset discovery efforts including individual cards within each device, MAC addresses, warranty information, peripheral devices, USB control numbers, firmware information, and much more.
  • How asset discovery can help you more effectively meet DISA STIG and NIST FISMA compliance requirements
  • The importance of software- and usage-discovery as part of your asset discovery efforts


Download the whitepaper now to learn how highly effective asset discovery helps you meet federal mandates while maximizing efficiencies—by sharing collected asset information across the IT operations team, the IT security team, and critical stakeholders across the agency.

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